Veterans helping Veterans

Here is another example of Veterans helping Veterans by members of AL Post 170.  A Veteran and Post member called to say he had to clear out his mother’s apartment in a Senior Living Complex in Canon City and he wanted to donate it to the Post for our annual yard sale.  Word went out and a volunteer stepped up and a crew was formed and a date and time set and 7 Post members:  Joy & Larry Lowe, Sherman & Kim Frahm, John Carroll, Jim Bidwell, and Jim Qualey – met at the apartment and brought back a trailer full of furniture for the yard sale.  That morning (Jan 29, 2019) at a quick stop at VALI it was discovered that they had two pieces they wanted to donate.  So, after dropping the Canon City donation off at the storage unit, we stopped at VALI and picked up their pieces and stored them.  Here is the crew hard at work and a thankful after party.

IMG_2821.JPG           IMG_2822.JPG

IMG_2825.JPG       IMG_2828.JPG

IMG_2829.JPG      IMG_2831.JPG

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